Empowering disabled people

We believe disabled people belong in leadership roles. We work with disabled people to use their experiences to lead and make the world a more equal place. 

We believe that more disabled people should be in positions of leadership and on public boards. Through our Access to Public Appointment project we worked with public bodies to make their recruitment and operational practices more accessible and inclusive.

We believe disabled people should have the same employment opportunities as non-disabled people at every level. Through our internship programme for disabled people we can support you to gain valuable work experience. Through our internship programme we teach employers how to make their practices more accessible.

We need more disabled people in positions of decision making. Through our Access to Politics work we can support you to become more politically active, whether to contact your Member of Scottish Parliament or to be a representative yourself. We also support parties to be more inclusive.

Disabled people need to be involved in making the decisions that affect us. Through our People-led Policy Panel on Social Care Support we empower disabled people to use their experiences to inform the Scottish Government of how Social Care Support can be improved.