Our Projects

Inclusion Scotland leads on the development and delivery of a numerous projects designed promote and involve the voice and choices of disabled people to create a more equal society.

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Access to Politics

We need more disabled people in positions of decision making. Through our Access to Politics work we can support you to become more politically active, whether to contact your Member of Scottish Parliament or to be a representative yourself. We also support parties to be more inclusive. Access to Politics offers advice and support to disabled people to become more involved in political life, from joining a political party or starting a campaign, through to running for elected office and beyond. We aim to address the barriers preventing disabled people from fully participating in politics, and promote greater representation of the skills and lived experience disabled people offer.

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Access to Elected Office Fund (Scotland)

The Access to Elected Office Fund (Scotland) is now open for applicants running for selection and as candidates for the Scottish local council elections in May 2022, and for Scottish Parliament and local council by-elections.

Find out more about the Access to Elected Office Fund (Scotland).


Access to Public Appointments

We believe that more disabled people should be in positions of leadership and on public boards. Through our Access to Public Appointment project we worked with public bodies to make their recruitment and operational practices more accessible and inclusive. We have collaborated with the Scottish Government Public Appointments Team and the Ethical Standards Commissioner, to provide disabled people with experience of a public body Board in Scotland through shadowing.

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People-led Policy Panel on Social Care Support

Disabled people need to be involved in making the decisions that affect us. Through our People-led Policy Panel on Social Care Support we empower disabled people to use their experiences to inform the Scottish Government of how Social Care Support can be improved. Disabled people must be involved in decision making and creating policies, especially when they will directly affect us. The People-Led Policy Panel on Social Care Support consists of disabled people and carers with experience of Social Care Support. The Panel tell decision makers how Social Care Support should be improved.

Find out more about our People-led Policy Panel on Social Care Support.


We Can Work Internship Programme

We believe disabled people should have the same employment opportunities as non-disabled people at every level. Through our internship programme for disabled people we can support you to gain valuable work experience. Through our internship programme we teach employers how to make their practices more accessible.

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