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It is vital that action to make disabled peoples human rights a reality is led by us, disabled people ourselves. Only we know first-hand what needs to be done
Heather Fisken, Head of Policy and Research, Inclusion Scotland

By becoming a partner you join a network of disabled people, their organisations and supporters committed to removing the barriers that disabled people confront in their daily lives. These include:

  • The way things are organised like inflexible services or jobs.
  • Negative attitudes and low expectations.
  • Poverty arising from cuts to benefits and restricted access to employment.
  • Inaccessible buildings, transport and communications.

These barriers are not inevitable. They can all be removed by raising awareness and making changes to policy and practice.

Join as an Individual Member

There are lots of benefits to becoming an individual member of Inclusion Scotland, these include:

  • Regular information bulletins and newsletters.
  • Invitations to our events, like our Annual General Meeting (AGM).
  • Opportunities to say what you think about policies and services that matter to you

Download our form below and return it to our Governance and Membership Worker Janice by email:

Membership Application Form (Individual)

Individual Membership Form.

Join as an Organisational Member

As an organisational member you will get:

  • Regular information bulletins and newsletters.
  • An opportunity to canvass the views of disabled people through our networks.
  • Networking and partnership working opportunities.

Download our form and return it to our Governance and Membership Worker Janice by email:

Membership Application Form (Organisations)

Organisational Membership Application form.

The categories of people who join Inclusion Scotland are now as follows.

Members This category is for Disabled Peoples Organisations. These are organisations that are led by disabled people. That means that the majority of people on the governing body are disabled people. They work with the social model of disability to promote disabled people’s human rights. As always before, only organisations in this category can nominate people to be elected as Directors of Inclusion Scotland or vote at Annual General Meetings.

Associates This is the category for individual disabled people.  Associates do not have voting rights but as disabled people they have a crucial role to play in our organisation.  We try to encourage individual disabled people to join our member Disabled People’s Organisations so they can have more of a say in the running of Inclusion Scotland.  They might even end up on our Board of Directors.

Affiliates This is the category for disability organisations that are not led by disabled people.  We really need these organisations on board because they are best placed to pass on information to disabled people.  We hope that with the support of Inclusion Scotland, these organisations will encourage and facilitate more disabled people to play a role in their governing structures. They might even become Disabled People’s Organisations themselves in time.

Supporters This category is for organisations that aren’t disability organisations of any sort and for non-disabled people.  Examples of organisations that might come within this category are housing associations or welfare rights agencies. It might also include private sector organisations. Organisations in this category might want to improve their services for disabled people. They will learn a lot about how to do that from being involved in Inclusion Scotland.  Individuals might include carers or family members of disabled people but also anyone with an interest in disability, human rights or equalities issues. 

Becoming a member of inclusion Scotland demonstrates your support for the aims of our organisation.

If you would like to find out more before becoming a partner please contact us by email: .