Access to Politics

Access to Politics offers advice and support to disabled people to become more involved in political life, from joining a political party or starting a campaign, through to running for elected office and beyond. We aim to address the barriers preventing disabled people from fully participating in politics, and promote greater representation of the skills and lived experience disabled people offer.

If you are a disabled person, we can:

  • Discuss your political involvements and the barriers you face
  • Consider sources of support and/or reasonable adjustments that could help address these barriers
  • Work with you to develop an action plan for boosting your participation
  • Offer you the chance to share your experiences with others to help them too, as part of our Access to Politics network

If you are a group or party organiser, staff member, or officer, we are happy to respond to specific questions on improving accessibility for political events and activities. We can advise on:

  • Accessible events, meetings, and training
  • Communications materials
  • Obligations under the Equality Act and electoral law
  • Suggested good practice above and beyond legal obligations

To access advice and support or for further information, please contact the Civic Participation Team at

Tools and Guidance

We have developed the Access to Politics Charter and our Guidance on Accessing Politics as tools to inform disabled people looking to get involved in politics, and all those who wish to make politics more accessible for disabled people.