Access to Elected Office Fund

The Access to Elected Office Fund will be closed for applications for the Local Authority elections from 11th April 2022. Applications to the panel are allowed two weeks to be decided on. After that, it can take time to roll out awards. We will however consider any late applications, if an award is likely to be turned around quickly enough to support a candidate before the end of 5th May 2022. 

The Access to Elected Office Fund (Scotland) is now open for applicants running for selection and as candidates for the Scottish local council elections in May 2022, and for Scottish Parliament and local council by-elections.

The Fund pays for practical support to allow disabled people to fully participate in the political process. This covers reasonable adjustments that level the playing field between disabled and non-disabled candidates, but not general campaign costs. Applicants do not need to have been selected yet nor do they need to be members of a party to apply for the Fund.

In the 2017 Scottish local council elections, there were 39 disabled candidates supported by the Access to Elected Office Fund (Scotland). Of these candidates, 15 were elected, representing 4 different political parties in 12 different councils. The Fund also supported 14 candidates during the 2021 Scottish Parliament elections.

The Access to Elected Office Fund (Scotland) is funded by the Scottish Government and administered by Inclusion Scotland.

To express your interest in applying for the Access to Elected Office Fund, or to find out further information, please contact our Civic Participation Team at