Our Policy Focus

We believe that disabled people know best what prevents our full inclusion into Scottish Society, and what needs to be done to promote it. We know this through our experiences of exclusion.

Find out more about the Policy Work we have done.  You can also learn about all the policy ‘asks’ we made for the Scottish Elections 2021 in our Manifesto.

To make Scotland equal and inclusive disabled people must be included in decision making. We make sure that policy and decision-makers know what matters to disabled people and our organisations and how to remove the barriers that prevent us being fully part of our society.

Through policy we work to:

  • improve disabled people’s human rights because we should be able to enjoy the same rights as others.
  • reduce the amount of disabled people in poverty because no-one should be living without food, water or shelter.
  • increase the amount of accessible housing because we believe that everyone should live in a comfortable home that meets their needs.
  • make employment more accessible and inclusive because everyone should be able to earn a living.
  • include disabled people in discussions on climate change because climate action shouldn’t create barriers for disabled people and we want to help reduce climate change – it’s our planet too!
  • improve social care support because everyone should be able to access support that meets their needs, no matter where they live.