Disability Inclusion a New Narrative Video Series.

This International Day for Disabled People, we are celebrating lived experience initiated, developed and led change! Get ready for our new series which will be shared in instalments over the next fortnight: Disability Inclusion a New Narrative.

We went to the experts in inclusion and asked them to share their top tips for becoming a more disability inclusive workplace. Hear from Adobe Employees, Inclusion Scotland‘s Employment Officer Naomi Waite, and Inclusion Scotland Interns on how you can become a more inclusive employer.

This animation was co-produced with partners in Adobe to challenge the main media narratives on disability which centre on pity and inspiration.  This #IDPWD lets see disability inclusion for what it is about: #innovation #HumanRights #access #inclusion #BetterProducts #MoreTalent #RemovalOfBarriers

Why should you as a disabled person take up space, speak up?

We asked disabled professionals what they would tell their younger selves, other disabled people entering into employment for the first time or those influencing employment systems in society. A common theme is to #TakeUpSpace!

Here is the first of our 5 short films: Advice to Disabled People with Phyl Meyer, former senior manager at from Inclusion Scotland.

Here is the second of our 5 shorts: ‘Disabled People entering or re-entering work for the first time?’ with JP from Adobe

Here is the third of our 5 shorts: ‘Remove the stigma!’ with Anja from Adobe.

Here is the fourth of our 5 shorts: ‘How and why to request a reasonable adjustment?’ with Phyl Meyer, former senior manager at Inclusion Scotland.

This is our final instalment for the International Day for Disabled People, we are celebrating lived experience initiated, developed and led change! Co-produced with partners in Adobe: Podcast ‘When Rani met Sally – How to accelerate innovation and improve your bottom line by elevating diverse voices in your organisations?’

Two powerhouses of action meet, Sally Witcher and Rani Mani met and spoke for over 90 minutes. We’ve linked below to a 25 minute edit everyone should access to get #MainstreamingEquality, directly from two senior and influential people who are #disabled.

They discuss:
♦️ The social model of disability
♦️ The difference between the approach and #attitude society presents to people who are born with an impairment and people who acquire an impairment temporarily.
♦️ How #barriers can come from good intentions.
♦️ Being a disabled #CEO and how attitudinal barriers can still create barriers for you.
♦️ #Intersectionality and how it impacts on experiences.
♦️ #Assumptions people make and how to challenge those.

Transcript link available here.

This is part of our ‘Disability- A New Narrative’ series. Follow our #Employerability to hear more about our work to tackle the systems of exclusion and help to ‘Build Forward Better’ for a more sustainable and inclusive Covid recovery.

Remember Disability Equality is not just for one day and needs to have year round focus. Participation shouldn’t be tokenistic but should involve disabled people in co-production, as equal partners!


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