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Providing financial support for disabled people standing in Local Authority and Scottish Parliament elections to address impairment-related barriers and disadvantages.

The Access to Elected Office Fund (Scotland) is now open for applicants running for selection and as candidates for the Scottish Parliament elections in 2021.

The Access to Elected Office Fund, which is delivered by Inclusion Scotland and supported by the Scottish Government, offers financial assistance to disabled people running in the 2021 Scottish Parliament election, and in any by-elections for Local Authority and Scottish Parliament seats. (Unfortunately, we cannot support candidates for Westminster/UK Parliament elections due to reserved legislation.)

The Fund provides financial support to pay for the additional impairment related costs that disabled people face when running for elected office.  This helps level the playing field with non-disabled candidates.  The fund does not cover campaign costs.  In the past the fund has covered the cost for; transport, personal assistants, communications support, equipment and assistive technology.

To apply for the Fund you must;

  • Self-define as disabled, under the definition used in the Equality Act 2010.
  • Have a stated intention to seek selection for an eligible election covered by the Fund (if in a party), have been selected, or be planning to seek election as an independent.
  • Must be eligible to be a candidate in the election in question, as per the relevant electoral regulations

In the 2017 Local Authority elections, there were 39 disabled candidates supported by the Access to Elected Office Fund pilot scheme. Of these candidates, 15 were elected, representing 4 different political parties in 12 different councils.

To express your interest in applying for the Access to Elected Office Fund, or to find out further information, please contact or call Ethan 07717 858 405.

Tramadol Buy Cod, Tramadol Online Overnight Usa

“The Access to Elected Office Fund Scotland is a vital step forward in levelling the playing field for disabled people to be represented in political office.   It is a major component for the disabled people’s movement to reach the goal of greater representation in society and allow disabled peoples voices to be heard.”

Grahame Hardie (Liberal Democrat), councillor for Helensburgh Central, Argyll and Bute

“As a wheelchair user, the Access to Elected Office Fund really helped to level the playing field between me and other able-bodied candidates. Having a Personal Assistant, paid for by the Access to Elected Office Fund, really gave me confidence when canvassing a rural community from my wheelchair. As a tetraplegic, assistive devices provided by the Access to Elected Office Fund really helped me overcome my paralysis and manage my online campaign just as easily as able-bodied candidates.”

Eric Holford (Conservative), councillor for Clydesdale East, South Lanarkshire

“The help I was given from Inclusion Scotland and the Access to Elected Office Fund was invaluable. By bringing down the barriers that would have prevented me from standing for office, their assistance and understanding made my dream a reality. I hadn’t realised how isolated I had become until I was back involved in the work place, doing a job I love & being able to help other people.”

Jenny Adam McGregor (SNP), councillor for Paisley North East & Ralston, Renfrewshire

“If it wasn’t for the Access to Elected Office Fund I would never have considered standing for election. It would have been impossible without that support. I would urge any disabled person who has ever thought about standing for office to take the leap and access the fund. Things will never get better for disabled people until we have fair and equal representation on all level of government.”

Robert Mooney (Labour), councillor for Canal Ward, City of Glasgow

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