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Addressing the barriers preventing disabled people from becoming fully involved in politics. 

Social Media Charter Point 3

Disability Equality Training is not the same as Disability Awareness Training.

Disability Awareness Training is often run by those with no lived experience of disability. It focuses on individuals’ impairments, but can fail to consider how wider social attitudes towards disability affect disabled people.

Disability Equality Training recognises the distinction between impairment and disability – that those with impairments are often disabled by a failure to reduce the societal and environmental barriers they face. It teaches participants to identify and challenge discriminatory behaviours which can prevent disabled people’s full participation in employment and other activities, and provides guidance on best practice and appropriate use of language. Disability Equality Training should always be provided by a person with lived experience of disability.

Disability Equality Training should be a positive educational experience, helping people to think and act in a more inclusive way. Disability Equality Training is suitable for all, and can be tailored to suit participants’ and organisations’ needs as required.

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Tramadol Order Online Mexico

Addressing the barriers preventing disabled people from becoming fully involved in politics. 

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