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Health, Social Care Support and Integration Policy Panel

Scottish Government logo

Do you think your ideas and lived experience of adult social care support could make a difference to how decisions are made in Scotland in the future? We do! If you do too, join us to help set the agenda, inform decisions and shape adult health and social care support services in the future.

We are very pleased to be able to offer this new voluntary role for people who have lived experience of needing adult social care support to use their knowledge to help shape how adult social care support may be delivered in the future.

This exciting pilot project is being funded by the Scottish Government to make sure that people are at the heart of good decision making as they are the experts in their own experiences.

The main purposes of this new role are to:

  • Share your experiences of using or trying to use adult social care support in Scotland.
  • Put forward ideas and solutions to issues raised about adult social care support.
  • Respond to policy ideas that the Scottish Government or other agencies want to get your feedback on.
  • Help us design and promote a new way of working that can be used by decision makers in Scotland to shape policies and services in Scotland.

When decision makers who run services and the people who use the services plan and design the services together it is called co-production. This is your opportunity to influence the design, delivery and evaluation of how adult social care support works in Scotland through this co-production Policy Panel.

Cheap Tramadol Online, Buy Arrow Tramadol

Cheap Tramadol Online, Buy Arrow Tramadol

Information for Applicants

We are looking for 50 people from across Scotland to create this Policy Panel who can represent all the different ways that people wish to use adult social care support. From this Policy Panel we will select 20 people to be in a Core Group that will meet with the Scottish Government, and other decision makers, four times a year from October 2018 to June 2019, and have direct communication with the Ministers for Health and Sport.

We will provide support, reasonable expenses and training to help you to take part. We are interested in recruiting people who have never given their views and ideas before, as well as people already very experienced in giving their views.

For the Policy Panel we are looking for people with experience of using, or trying to use adult social care support in Scotland. This could be:

People who are 16 years or older who have received, or are receiving adult social care support in Scotland. This might have been funded by:

  • Self-Directed Support (Options 1 – 4)
  • Independent Living Fund
  • Or another funded care package

People who are 16 years or older who have not been able to get the adult social care support that is needed.

Carers of adults who require adult social care support.

BSL - Information for Applicants

To find out more please read the Role Descriptor:

Purchase Tramadol Discount

Order Tramadol Discount

To apply:

Please download the Word format form –

Buy Discount Tramadol

Get Tramadol Prescription Online

and send to us at the address below, or Get Tramadol Online.

Please contact us if you need help filling out the form or would like to get more information on how to join the Policy Panel.

The closing date for applications is 12pm on the 3rd October 2018.

We will need some personal information about you for the role. Please read our Tramadol Europe Buy.

BSL - To find out more please read the Role Descriptor

Contact Details:

April O’Neil Real Tramadol Online  0131 281 7368

Deirdre Henderson Tramadol Using Paypal  0131 281 7378

Inclusion Scotland

Hayweight House | 23 Lauriston Street | Edinburgh | EH3 9DQ


Inclusion Scotland Footer

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