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#OurInclusiveScotland campaign

2018 is the Year of Young People in Scotland – is life for young disabled people getting better? 

From facing negative attitudes from others, experiencing hate crime, struggling to get the right care and support, feeling socially isolated, facing difficulties travelling via public transport, or getting into and on at work, young disabled people in Scotland face everyday barriers that stop them from living the lives they choose.

When stacked on top of the issues facing all young people generally in Scotland – unstable work, worries about identity, issues around sex and relationships, student debt, rising rents – is everyday discrimination and inequality leaving young disabled people in Scotland feeling disconnected and undervalued?

Ahead of Order Tramadol Discount Inclusion Scotland is launching the #OurInclusiveScotland campaign. We’re inviting disabled people (aged between 16 and 30) to document the reality of being a young disabled person and share what an inclusive Scotland might be like! Young people can take part by:

  • Posting stories and images about the everyday barriers and issues that disable them on their Twitter, Instagram and Facebook accounts from Friday 9th November using the hashtag #OurInclusiveScotland
  • Inclusion Scotland will repost posts and information about the campaign on our accounts.
  •  BSL users can post their story in BSL and we will subtitle it to repost
  •  If you want to share your story anonymously you can e-mail Rhona at Buy Discount Tramadol or call 0131 281 0860 (type talk calls welcome).

To discuss the campaign please contact Susie Fitton by email Get Tramadol Prescription Online or call 0131 281 0860 (typetalk calls welcome).

Front cover of Accessible Social Media Guide

Social media can be really useful to share ideas and talk about our lives as disabled people. Sadly social media is not accessible for all disabled people. For this campaign we’ve put together a short guide on accessible social media. The guide has advice on the basics of making your social media more accessible. We’d love it if you could read the guide before you post about the campaign so we can make sure #OurInclusiveScotland is as accessible as possible for young disabled people.

If you have any questions about anything in the guide please get in touch with our Information and Communications Worker, Rhona, using the details above.

Get Tramadol Online

Tramadol Europe Buy

You can also fill out Tramadol Online Europe. The survey has 5 questions. Get in touch with us, via the details below, if you need the survey in a different accessible format or would like to fill it in via the phone.

Order Tramadol From Thailand, Buy Cheap Tramadol Overnight

Inclusion Scotland presents Real Tramadol Online, an interactive and inclusive event for disabled people aged 16-30.

It’s a social space for you to find out more about activism whether you are already doing it, just starting or even if you just want to find out more about it. MC’d by comedian Rosie Jones Tramadol Using Paypal we’ll discuss the issues that matter to you in your daily lives, and plot and plan for shaping the future.

From facing negative attitudes from others, experiencing hate crime, struggling to get the right care and support, feeling socially isolated, or getting into and on at work, young disabled people in Scotland face barriers every day that stop them from living the lives you choose. This also leaves little time or energy to campaign.

When stacked on top of the issues facing young people generally in Scotland – unstable work, worries about identity, issues around sex and relationships, student debt, rising rents – is everyday discrimination and inequality still leaving young disabled people in Scotland feeling disconnected and undervalued?

If this is ringing bells for you we want you at Activate! If you have an impairment but do not identify as being disabled we also welcome you!

You can get tickets through Best Tramadol Online, by emailing Buying Tramadol Online or call 0131 281 0860 (type talk calls welcome).


Year of Young People logo

Inclusion Scotland footer

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