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Addressing the barriers preventing disabled people from becoming fully involved in politics. 

Social Media Charter Point 2

It is important to support and resource disabled members to organise a group within your party. Support means you should encourage and help with the initial networking of identifying disabled members to come together either at conference time or separately. Resource means you should provide the finance required for a meeting space, and cover reasonable adjustment costs so that meetings are inclusive.

A disabled members’ group can provide peer support to disabled party members and work to advance the inclusion and full participation of disabled people within the party. A group can also be drawn on to provide insight from lived experience, to inform party policy and procedures to create greater understanding and inclusion, and promote solutions to the barriers disabled people face. This positions disabled people as part of the decision making process, and not simply the subjects of consultation.

Disabled people’s lived experiences and expertise need to permeate throughout politics and public life in order to inform and implement the changes that create a more inclusive society.

Tramadol Order Online Uk

Addressing the barriers preventing disabled people from becoming fully involved in politics. 

Inclusion Scotland footer

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