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Addressing the barriers preventing disabled people from becoming fully involved in politics. 

Social Media Charter Point 1

The statement is your party’s written commitment to meeting disabled people’s access and support requirements, and making disabled people’s political participation a permanent part of your party’s culture.

The statement should:

  • Outline your party’s accessibility policies – the formal rules you have put in place to achieve your accessibility goals.
  • List specific actions your party will take to prevent and remove barriers to disabled people’s participation, and when it will do so.
  • Provide clear guidance on how disabled people can request access and support, identifying the individual(s) responsible for enforcing and carrying out these actions.

On publication the statement should be made available in accessible formats, such as Large Print, Audio, and Easy Read.

Inclusion Scotland Guides

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Tramadol Order Online Cod

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Addressing the barriers preventing disabled people from becoming fully involved in politics. 

Inclusion Scotland footer

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