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Join our Research Coproduction Group!

We are looking for around 10 disabled people to join a Research Coproduction Group. The group will drive innovative research exploring when our experiences of discrimination are about more than just being disabled.  It will look at what other characteristics disabled people have, how this has shaped our experiences of discrimination, and what we can do about it.

We want to hear from disabled people who self-identify with at least one other protected characteristic. This means:

  • Disabled women
  • Disabled young people
  • Disabled people who have a different gender identity than they were assigned at birth (e.g. not cis-gender) and/or intersex
  • Disabled people who are LGBQA+ (e.g. not heterosexual)
  • Disabled people from a minority racial or ethnic group
  • Disabled people who are pregnant or post-natal, or have been recently
  • Disabled people who identify with a religion / religious group
  • Disabled people who are married or in a civil partnership

The Co-production group will work with our Policy and Research Manager to design and action our research project, Services for Who? Changing attitudes of service designers and deliverers which underpin discrimination experienced by disabled people with other protected characteristics.

The group will meet once every two months from around July. We expect meetings to take place at our offices in Edinburgh, but we will consider different locations based on group membership. All expenses will be paid.

The project is funded by the UK Disability Research into Independent Living and Learning (DRILL) programme. It will feed in to a larger UK-wide project, Understanding and Overcoming Negative Attitudes Towards Disabled People: What works in practice?

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Co-production Group or would like more information, please contact Rosalind Tyler-Greig, Policy and Research Manager, by Wednesday 11 July. We will need some personal information about you for the role. Please read our Tramadol Order Uk.

Email Discount Tramadol Online or call 0131 2810859. Please provide the following details:

  • Name
  • Where you are based (e.g. Edinburgh, Glasgow etc)
  • Do you identify as a disabled person?
  • What other protected characteristic(s) do you identify with? (see list above)
  • Are you a member of any equality organisation(s)? If yes, which one(s)?
  • Contact details

Rosalind will follow-up your request by Wednesday 25 July.

DRILL, Big Lottery and Inclusion Scotland logos

Rhona Willder

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