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John’s Blog: Frozen

Just a short blog today. With Parliament in recess, not only is the place fairly dead but the usual workload has dwindled to a dribble.

I’m still of two minds as to if we’re having a bad winter or just an average one. I live in East Lothian. If you speak to the locals, they tell you terrible tales of 6ft high snow drifts; icicles the length of a man that’ll spear you to the ground and terrifying Wampa-like creatures (Star Wars ref people) that roam the turnip fields looking to devour 34-year-old men who wander around with a stick. As yet, I have not experienced any of that. True, it’s flipping freezing and my joints are so stiff I feel I should be wandering around screaming ‘Oil-can’, but otherwise that’s it. Is it impacting my work? A little. Even the short walk from my car to the office is quite sore at the moment and after prolonged sessions of typing, I definitely feel my upper body joints begin to seize. Don’t get me wrong, none of this is a complaint as I’m well used to it now, but I just thought as an observation, some of you wonderful readers might well identify with the situation.

While things in the Parliament may have quietened down somewhat, it has given me an excellent chance to work more fully on the AEO project. I did this by contacting various DPOs – Disabled Peoples Organisations if I’ve got my acronyms right – and asking if they’d be so wonderful as to send out our cross-party online survey, which my comrade in arms Allison put together. Those who I’ve been able to get a hold of, have been wonderful so far and as helpful as you like. Of course there are always more people to try and contact for surveys but with the deadline fast approaching for the end of the project. It’s high time we thought about getting the data written up into some sort of usable content. That’ll be next week’s fun and games.

Right, I’m off to chip the ice off my knee caps and get some lunch.

Till next time.


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