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Press Release: Disabled People welcome improved Social Security Bill

Scotland’s leading Disabled People’s Organisation, Inclusion Scotland, has welcomed the passing of a “significantly improved” Social Security Bill by the Scottish Parliament today.

Bill Scott, Inclusion Scotland’s Director of Policy said “As an organisation we have had a hand in achieving significant improvements to the original Bill by securing amendments that have granted disabled people new rights to access advocacy services when seeking social security assistance; to be communicated with in accessible ways; and in getting rid of many unnecessary and stressful face-to-face medical assessments.

“We have worked hard alongside Third Sector partners, Government officials the Social Security Minister, MSPs and the Social Security Committee to try and improve the original Bill so that it better met the needs of disabled people.

“This is the culmination of 4 years of work for ourselves. From providing evidence to the Smith Commission, arguing for the transfer of Social Security powers to Scotland, to the passage of this Bill today.

“Now our job will be to ensure that the new system works in practice as well as it does on paper!”.


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Buying Tramadol Online Reviews - Tramadol Online Europe

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