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Access to Politics Network: Creating a Written Charter

After the success of the One in Five campaign and Inclusion Scotland’s Access to Politics project,  it is essential to continue momentum in decreasing barriers disabled people face when accessing politics and elected office.

Join us at our Access to Politics Network event, to create a written charter challenging political parties and organisations to commit to fully accessible political participation.

We will:

  • Identify barriers within parties and other political movements.
  • Collaborate on solutions to remove these barriers.
  • Help write Inclusion Scotland’s Access to Politics guidance.
  • Create a detailed Access to Politics Network Charter that we will collectively build momentum behind.
  • Build networks and open up discussion between activists from different parties and political movements.


Saturday 24 February 2018

10:30am to 4pm



3rd Floor Hayweight House

23 Lauriston Street



Purchasing Tramadol Overnight, Tramadol Purchase Uk



The venue is wheelchair accessible. Please let us know any other arrangements which would improve access to the event for you by contacting the team, email Tramadol 200Mg Online or phone 0131 281 0883.

We have booked British Sign Language Interpreters and Personal Assistants to make sure this event is accessible. If you require a communication support such as a British Sign Language (BSL) interpreter, please let us know by 15th February.

If you book a place after this date, we will do everything we can to ensure that BSL is available but unfortunately, we cannot guarantee it. Our policy is to cancel support which is not required. This is not just a question of cost. There is a huge demand for the service in Scotland and not enough BSL interpreters to meet that demand. If we hire them and do not use them, we may be depriving someone else who needs it urgently.


Travel Costs

Assistance with reasonable travel costs is available for disabled attendees if required. If you are disabled and require assistance with travel please contact us as early as possible to arrange this using the e-mail or phone number above. If you can arrange your own travel but would like to request help with the cost we can reimburse these if you contact us in advance of the event. Otherwise due to limited funds, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to cover your costs.



The event will be livestreamed by Tramadol Online Order

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Purchasing Tramadol Overnight, Tramadol Purchase Uk

Purchase Tramadol Online Uk

Buying Tramadol In ThailandOrder Tramadol From Canada
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